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Max is a serial entrepreneur, RPA nerd, and now podcast host. He’s the CEO of Talkpush and cares deeply about making recruitment candidate-centric.

Max Armbruster, CEO

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March 26, 2021
Kimberly Carroll- Managing Principal at IA
Centralization in TA: Either You’re In or You’re Out - Kimberly Carroll from IA

Kimberly Carroll, Managing Principal at IA, an advisory group that helps companies manage inflection and notable changes in HR, talks about shared services (it might not be exactly what you think it is) and the centralization of TA processes. She goes into the pitfalls of centralizing hiring operations and the importance of involving hiring managers to build connections and accountability since the very beginning.

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March 26, 2021
Katrina Collier- Author
Recruiters vs Chatbots - Katrina Collier Author of "The Robot-Proof Recruiter"

Author of the Robot Proof Recruiter, Katrina Collier talks about tech as a humanizing tool for recruiters, biases, racism, and shares her incredible journey through the Talent Acquisition industry. No, AI will never do a recruiters’ job, not if we want done right anyway, but it can help save time and frustration.

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March 1, 2021
Suzanne Lucas- Evil HR Lady
Getting Evil with “The Evil HR Lady” - Forced Vacations, Termination Policies, and More

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers podcast, Suzanne Lucas, better known as “the evil HR lady” talks about lots of different things HR professionals are interested in but don’t really like to ask about. From termination policies in different states to the benefits of “forced vacation,” Suzanne goes into a wide variety of controversial topics!

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February 16, 2021
Ward Christman, HR Tech Advisor
Building a TA tech stack one priority block at a time

Digital recruitment veteran Ward Christman, talks about the opening of TA tech. As a creator of the OG job board back in the early 90s (before the Internet was mainstream!) he’s got quite a lot of insights. He expects the trend for point solutions to grow as TA teams have the opportunity to build out their tech stacks depending on their most important pain points at the time.

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February 9, 2021
Jeff Wald
The Real Future of Work: the End of Jobs

As the freelancer lifestyle permeates the rest of the workforce, on-demand jobs are on the rise. Author and serial entrepreneur, Jeff Wald, walks us through some data-driven predictions and the history of labor, to arrive at where we’re headed: on-demand jobs, or task-based labor.

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February 4, 2021
Doug Updike, Nations Lending
Old School Recruiting meets New Tech in the Mortgage Sector

VP of National Sales Recruiting at Nations Lending, Doug Updike, shares his journey into mortgage sales recruitment, from the early days to now, and how he keeps tech and tradition at the center of the experience. Automated text messages for recruiting? Totally. How to keep it personal? A simple “happy birthday” text to your talent pool goes a long way.

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