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Get new insights every single week from top leaders in Talent Acquisition covering a wide range of topics, from recruitment automation and leveraging culture to attract the best candidates, to everything in between

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Meet our host

Max is a serial entrepreneur, RPA nerd, and now podcast host. He’s the CEO of Talkpush and cares deeply about making recruitment candidate-centric.

Max Armbruster, CEO

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January 27, 2021
Heather Myers, Traitify
The Big 5 - Merging Psych and Stats to Determine Candidate Personalities

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, Max interviews Heather Myers, Chief Psychology Officer at Traitify. They delve into the world of psychological assessments, dispelling misconceptions on what a good or bad personality is. There isn’t. It just depends on what’s needed for the job.

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January 22, 2021
Cristina Mihai, Conectys
How Conectys kept the office fun factor during the lockdown

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, Max interviews Cristina Mihai, VP of HR and Communications, at Conectys. As they review what’s hot (and what’s not so hot) in recruitment tech, she dives into the world of high-end BPO recruitment. She also goes over management challenges of remote work, keeping people happy, and dealing with new tech in regions where Internet isn’t reliable.

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January 13, 2021
Jen Thornton, Three O Four Coaching
After 20 Years Hiring at American Eagle - The Current Retail Landscape

Jen Thornton, CEO of Three O Four coaching, formerly Head of International HR at American Eagle, talks about the current retail hiring landscape, how to virtually manage large scale operations, and getting the right mix of people regionally and globally.

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January 6, 2021
George Laroque, Unleashed
How Boston became the “Silicon Valley” of TA Tech

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, George Laroque, SVP of Insights at Unleashed, walks us through his 30 years in the industry and how to spot emerging tech and best recruiting practices by paying close attention to the market.

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December 22, 2020
Aarthi Rajasekaran, VDart Inc.
Remote Hiring: Global Approach with a Regional Flavor

In the latest episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, Max interviews Aarthi Rajasekaran, director of procurement and strategic sourcing at VDart Inc.

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December 16, 2020
Jim D’Amico, Celanese
Talent Seduction, Using Automation so Humans can Craft Hiring Solutions Driven by Data

As automation elevates recruitment to increase efficiency, human roles in talent acquisition are more important than ever, becoming completely value driven, and ultimately responsible for hiring top performers that drive the bottom line.

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