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How Transcom's TA team increased Hires per Recruiter by 300% over 3 years. - Jun Abo, VP of Talent Acquisition, Transcom

In this episode of Recruitment Hackers, Jun Abo, VP of TA at Transcom talks about how he has overcome WFH challenges in the Philippines as well as the skills necessary to be a successful recruiter in the TikTok era. Listen to the full episode for some trade secrets on how to turn TA teams into experts in social media, sourcing, and a delightful candidate experience.

The RPO Industry's Pivot to Remote Work Gives TA Outsourcing an Edge for 2021 - Sally Hunter Executive Vice President at Cielo

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, Sally Hunter, Executive Vice President of Cielo delves into the implications of the COVID-19 crisis for the future of the RPO industry. As Cielo pivoted even more towards remote hiring, Hunter examines the benefits automation and “best of breed” tech partners will yield in years to come (and how to strike a balance between innovation and efficiency.)

Remote work isn’t a solution for small businesses - Lisa Shephard, TA Transformation Consultant

In this episode of Recruitment Hackers podcast, Lisa Shephard shares her unique perspective working with high volume employers as well as smaller businesses. She says WFH and remote hiring are fine for BPOs and other high volume environments, but don’t meet the requirements of smaller businesses when it comes to speed of execution.

Asynchronous voice interviews, going beyond the resume with automated assessments — Paul Noone CEO at HireIQ

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers podcast, Paul Noone from HireIQ, goes over the technology that makes it possible for BPOs and other high volume employers to measure emotions like empathy, warmth, and care through voice assessments in a scalable and fair way.

How Accenture Balances Between the Limits of Automation and Human Work

In this episode, Max has a great chat with Jason Roberts, Global TA Capability Leader at Accenture and discusses the trends in the market, how too much automation can be counterproductive and their projections as to what will happen with this pandemic.

Fixing the experience to retain quality candidates from other industries post-pandemic - Preeti Shirke VP of TA at Teleperformance

In this episode, Max interviews Preeti Sr. VP of Talent Acquisition at Teleperformance India. She explores a timely subject that’s affecting most BPO recruiters today: with the surge of candidates coming from other industries affected by COVID? What’s the best way to screen and profile them? Will they just go back to their old jobs and cause stop gaps six months from now? For Preeti, there’s a particular solution that she’s convinced will help companies retain top talent they wouldn’t have had access to pre-COVID, and that’s offering them a top-notch experience. Listen to find out what Teleperformance has been up to.

New Processes to Optimize Remote Hiring and Recruiter Performance - Kim Howell Chief People Officer at ERC

Kim Howell, Chief People Officer at ERC, started her career as a call center agency some twenty odd years ago. In this episode she tells the story of shifting to remote work in various continents in 48 hours, how to keep morale up through remote structures and a new way of hiring.

AltiSales, Tito Bohrt - Inbound Recruitment through Quality Content

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, Founder and CEO of AltiSales, Tito Bohrt, talks about building an engaging online community for recruitment. With content as their main driver for candidate attraction, AltiSales is able to recruit quality candidates who already have the Altisales mindset, reducing churn and increasing employee happiness. Plus, they don’t spend much money on job boards or advertising, with a remote philosophy, global talent comes to them.

Darcy Lalonde from Figari Solutions Inc. - Core Executives and Company Culture as Drivers of Recruitment

Darcy Lalonde, a 20 year veteran in HR and Human Capital talks about his entrepreneurial ride as he established and sold BPO companies in Asia over the last 20 years. The key to his recruitment success is simple: good vibes, fair pay, a competitive company personality, and a core executive team that drives it all home.

AI vs. RPA - What technology is best when it comes to a results-driven and candidate centric recruitment process?

In this episode of Recruitment Hackers podcast, Max reflects on the benefits of AI vs Robotic Process Automation (RPA), when it comes to recruitment. While both of these technologies have their pros and cons, Max argues one is clearly better than the other — RPA. Listen to find out why and how it works.

Elaine Davis, CHRO at Continuum - Driving CPH through On-Boarding, Easy Applications, and Opening up the Funnel

Elaine Davis talks about the shift from working at Conduent to its smaller carve-out Continuum, and how the problems in Talent Acquisition remain the same. She makes a compelling case for recruitment as a main revenue engine for call centers.

Trailer Episode - What's Coming

Talkpush CEO, serial entrepreneur, reader of sci-fi, and now podcast host, Max Armbruster introduces the Recruitment Hackers Podcast and what it's all about: making talent acquisition a long term competitive edge for businesses.

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