Turning talent pools into your greatest competitive asset.

You’d be surprised how many top-tier companies are still losing out on top talent. Why? Because humans’ attention spans are ever shrinking and the traditional (boring) recruitment formula is no longer effective.

What's so good about it?
They don’t call it a “war for talent” for nothing.  Everyone is fighting for the same high caliber individuals and looking for a competitive edge, constantly revamping their employer branding, marketing and recruiting processes. Entrepreneurs, practitioners and talent acquisition thought leaders share their stories on how to hire better and faster and build talent acquisition into a competitive edge for their business.

Recruitment Hackers podcast has weekly new content, covering a range of topics from recruitment automation, improving the candidate experience,  and leveraging culture to attract the right type of talent.

What you’ll get
  • Insights into how to rethink your Talent Acquisition strategy
  • Strategies to expand your talent pool
  • Actionable steps to simplify hiring processes
  • Real life examples from the companies who are succeeding
The truth on the latest trends what works and what’s just bells and whistles.


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